Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Object

When asked to think of a meaningful object within the CFL, I immediately felt nervous. I honestly couldn't think of a single thing. Not that it's a bad thing, but the CFL doesn't have very much to it. It's a small classroom connected to offices, that I've only seen one side of, and the walls are mostly blank. I couldn't exactly attribute significance to any of it. Did the chairs and chalkboard really symbolize anything to me? But when I got there on Monday, I made sure to keep my eye out for little things I'd been missing. I tried to be more observant of the place around me.
I was the first one to get out of the service van, and within a few small steps I already found my object. How have I never noticed that the door was blue? I'd been to the CFL a few times, but I guess I just followed everyone else in. There was something about it's light, sky blue color that made it so calming, so inviting. I decided this was it. And it's going to sound corny, but door is a wonderful symbol. It's not just a door into a building, it's a door into a new experience, a new life, and a new world. For the learners, this door opened up to many new places and opportunities. In this place, they would receive the education that would prepare them for a job and a better life. And for us, well, it was a new experience, just like college. I'm sure even though some of us have done some sort of community service, we've never had to tutor an adult. I think through this we will learn something for ourselves too. And the door also means something to me personally. This is me making the best of my own education. This door is going to be the first of many doors that will lead me to a new place. And I'm very excited for it.